PILL | Minimalist Vase | 3D printing

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PILL | Minimalist Vase | 3D printing

Conventional ceramic vases consume many kilowatt hours of electricity and a lot of water in production. These vases can be made with no water consumption in the final assembly and with approximately 0.8 kilowatt hours of electricity consumption. In addition, the PLA plastic is obtained from regenerative sources and one tree is planted for each kilogram of plastic consumed.

3D prints are typically not waterproof. Coating the vase with natural wax ensures that the vases can also be used with fresh flowers.

19 cm x 9 cm

200 grams

Instructions for use
Not suitable for use in a dish washer. Do not heat above 50°C. Use lukewarm soapy water with a soft cloth to clean the outside. To clean the inside, use a full hand-warm water filling with the addition of a denture cleaning tablet.